(P) = picante/HOT!


Bread with allí olí €1,60 pp

Iberico’s nuggets. 8pz. €11

Mozzarella’s nuggets 8pz. €10

Tuna tartar €18

Ceviche sea bass € 16 (P)
Sea bass with prawns € 18

Edamame beans in ibiza salt €6

Chicken gyozas steamed or fryed 5pz. € 7

Vegetable gyozas steamed or fryed 5pz. € 7

Wakame seaweed. €5,50

Miso soup with shitake mushrooms,tofu and seaweed. € 7

Vegan red lentils soup with broccoli ,cúrcuma and lemongrass €10

Fresh salad with Roquefort,green apple and walnuts. €14

Roast beef a la inglesa en lecho de ensalada €16

Cold Roast beef salad €16

Local tomatoes salad with fresh burrata. €16


Homemade lasaña Bolognese. €14

Eggplant Parmigiana. €14

Chicken yellow curry with basmati rice €17

Beef entrecote with baked potatoes and peppers €22

Pork Ribs marinated in ginger and limes €19

Chicken fingers with fríes € 13,50

Complementos/Side dishes

French fries. €5

Padron’s peppers. €8

Sweet potato fingers. €6

Postres (caseros por supuesto) / Sweet ending

Tiramisu’ di Melania € 7

Cheescake with hot red berries € 7

Chocolate coulant served with vanilla ice cream – gluten free € 7

Kids ice cream 2 scoops: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mango € 7

Vegan apple pie € 7

Mesa ice cream macha tea and ginger € 8



Niguiris 4pz.

Salmón €9
Salmón flambeado €10
Atún €9
Lubina €10
Mix 12pz. €20

Sushi Rolls Calientes

Tiger Mesa roll €16
Fryed prawns, lime mayonesa,aguacate on top and crunchy kataifi

Teriyaki roll €17
Salmón,mango,topping teriyaki sauce,fryed onion

Hot tuna €15
Tuna tartar, coriander pesto, avocado, kizami wasabi


5pz. 10
Mix 12pz. 20

Poke Bowls

Poke de salmón €18

Poke de atún €18

Poke de tres pescados €19

Sushi rolls

Spicy Tuna €14
Tuna, kimchee mayonaise, avocado, chive, topping tuna

Salmón roll €12
Salmón ,avocado, sesame

Philadelphia €12
Salmón, soft cheese, sesame

Mojito roll €14
Sea bass, mint,avocado,topping sesame and lime zest

Jalapeño special (P) €15
Sea bass, mango, shizo and mayonaise topping with green jalapeños

Foie con higos €17
Flamed foie, green Apple,homemade figs jam

Veganos y Vegetarianos

Tofu €13
Kiwi,sundryed tomatoes,avocado,tofu, topping kiwi and kimchee

Shitake €13
Mango,shitake mushrooms,rocket salad,sesame dressing

Halloumi roll €14
Halloumi cheese, lime mayonaise, topping avocado and crunchy kataifi



Margherita € 9

Marinara. € 8

Prosciutto. €10
Mozz,tomate,jamón york

Prosciutto & funghi. €11
mozz,tomate,jamón york,champiñones

Caprichosa. €11

Bella Napoli €13
Búfala, tomate,anchoas,orégano

Diavola €10 (P)
Mozz,tomate,salamino picante

Formaggi. €11
Mozz, tomate, mixto de quesos italianos y gorgonzola

Tonno &cipolla. €11
Mozz,Tomate,atún, cebolla

Criollo. €12
Mozz,tomate,salchicha criollo,cebolla

Huerta. €14
Mozz,tomate,mixto de verduras frescas

Calzone. €13
Mozz,jamón york,alcachofas,aceitunas,tomate por fuera

Bolognesa. €13
Bolognesa with meat


Mesa. €14 (P)
Mozz, tomate, berenjenas, salamino,gorgonzola

Baguette. €15 (P)
Mozz, gorgonzola, salamino, tomate cherry, jamón serrano y tomate por fuera

Bresaola. €15
Mozz, tomate, bresaola, rucula, champiñones y parmesano (todo en crudo)

Jugosa. €15 (P)
Bufala, tomate, ajo, jamón serrano, romero y aceite picante

Bufala. €14
Bufala, tomate, tomates cherry, albahaca

Hawaii. €13
Mozz, tomate, piña, jamón york

Barbacoa. €14
Mozz, tomate, carne picada y bacon

Bassa. €14
Mozz, tomate, mixto de setas, crema de calabaza, pancetta pepata

Tirolese. €15
Mozz, tomate, mixto de setas, crema de quesos, speck


Carbonara. €14

Pesto. €15
Mozzarella,pesto,bufala,jamón serrano,rucula



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